Water repellent cushion

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Water repellent cushion

Water repellent cushion

You can't just tuck the pad away and wait for the rain every time it rains, so many of our products come with fully water-repellent upholstery.

Water repellent pads are made with a waterproof coating that ensures water runs off rather than being absorbed. This water-repellent cushion is the ideal type for outdoor use. However, there is a difference between water repellency and water resistance, and it is important to understand this difference. Although the water-repellent cushion can be used outdoors to prevent water from entering the seat cushion, it is impossible to completely immerse the cushion in water.

Maintenance of water repellent cushion


The water repellent cushion has a protective layer that prevents water from infiltrating, and you do not need to do any treatment to the cushion. But you must put the pad away when not in use. Exposing the cushion to rain for a long period of time will still allow the cushion to absorb a certain amount of moisture.

Cleaning Water repellent cushions can be easily cleaned with a soft brush or damp cloth, we recommend that you remove stains from the cushions as soon as possible. Do not use high concentrations of cleaning agents, as cleaning agents may damage the fabric. Before you wash the pad, please read the washing instructions carefully.

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