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Quick-drying cotton

The interpretation of quick-drying cotton refers to a sponge that dries quickly outdoors, which is an innovative material that can not only make chairs comfortable, but also can be used outdoors.

The effect of quick-drying cotton

Conventional sponges used on upholstered furniture have a dense structure, which is why moisture stays in the sponge for a long time and does not dry out easily. And quick-drying cotton, because its cell structure can leak water quickly; on the other hand, this cell structure can promote air circulation and dry in time. Therefore, quick-drying cotton is an ideal material for outdoor furniture.

Maintenance of quick-drying cotton

Quick-drying cotton is mainly used in soft pack series products. Quick-drying cotton is used in combination with our nanocloths, blends, and this combination allows fabric sofas to be used outdoors. Fully soft-packed outdoor furniture is completely weather-proof, so it can be used outdoors all year round.

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