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Rattan is similar to wrinkled rope, so rattan outdoor furniture is woven. This is a widely used artificial outdoor furniture material.

Rattan furniture

We only use high quality man-made synthetic fibers for our outdoor furniture. The material is very strong and weather-resistant, making rattan outdoor furniture virtually maintenance-free. The most important thing is that imitation rattan can last longer than natural materials, such as natural rattan, and in appearance, the current imitation rattan is not much different from natural rattan or reed. It is these qualities that make artificial rattan a favorable material for outdoor furniture.

Pieces of rattan, semicircular rattan and round rattan

The three types of vines we most commonly see are sheet vines, semicircular vines, and round vines. Different rattans can give furniture different looks and processing difficulties. We use different types of rattan according to different product characteristics and customer needs.

Color According to the characteristics of different products, we can use different colors of rattan.


Our outdoor rattan furniture can be used outdoors all year round. But generally all materials are affected by UV rays, rain and dryness. To protect the product, use some special treatment or put it away when not in use. If you keep your outdoor furniture outdoors year round, do not use it when it is freezing.


High-quality imitation rattan furniture is easy to maintain, and it can be cleaned regularly with a damp soft cloth, soft brush or garden flushing pipe. High-strength scrubbers or high-concentration detergents may cause damage to imitation rattan furniture. A descaling or cleaning agent can be used to remove more stubborn stains.


The cleaner is used to remove stains from outdoor furniture and it works on our imitation rattan furniture. Its ingredients include vegetable oils and plant extracts, and this unique ingredient makes the cleaner strong decontamination, anti-static, and anti-bacterial. All you need is a damp soft cloth, soft brush or garden aluminum tube. We recommend that you treat stains on your furniture as early as possible.

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