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Teak, with its unique appearance, has returned to the field of outdoor furniture.

This unique solid wood is durable, in good condition, and easy to handle. It is this unique performance and long service life that make teak widely used in outdoor furniture, and its durability and easy maintenance are self-evident.

teak furniture

Using the best teak wood in its class, it is hard, strong and durable, and our teak wood can also be combined with rattan to make more beautiful products.

Maintenance of teak furniture


Teak itself is a natural, golden color, in order to maintain this color, teak furniture must be treated with a layer of protection. Generally speaking, many guests choose not to treat teak furniture, in this case, the teak will gradually turn silver gray in the natural environment. Therefore, how well you treat teak depends on your color needs. Regular treatment of teak with protective oil can protect teak against the influence of weather and slow down the discoloration of teak.


Oil stains on teak furniture can usually be removed with detergent or plenty of warm water. If the stain cannot be easily removed, it can be treated with a professional cleaner.


The cleaner is used to remove stains from your outdoor furniture, and this cleaner can also be used on wooden outdoor furniture. Its ingredients include vegetable oils and plant extracts, and this unique ingredient makes the cleaner strong decontamination, anti-static, and anti-bacterial.

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