Aluminum alloy

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Aluminum alloy

Aluminum, with its strong, durable and rust-resistant characteristics, is widely used in outdoor furniture, and aluminum furniture also has the characteristics of lightness, and the furniture made of it is easy to move.

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Quality-oriented, we use high-quality aluminum with a thickness of about 2.0mm or more. This high thickness of aluminum ensures that our products are structurally stronger and last longer. For adjustable products, the thickness requirements of the pipe will be higher. In addition, our aluminum furniture is painted to provide unique colors (such as our Premium Gray and Warm Gray) and provide an extra layer of protection to our outdoor furniture against the effects of outdoor weather. influences.

Maintenance of aluminum furniture


Obviously, aluminum furniture is very easy to maintain. The main reason is that our furniture has a double-layer spray treatment, which can withstand a variety of different weathers. However, in order to keep your furniture in good appearance, we still recommend that you do some protective treatment on your furniture every once in a while to keep dirt from sticking to the product.


The only cleaning requirement for aluminum furniture is regular wiping with a soft cloth dampened with water, which will make your furniture more attractive.


The cleaner is used to remove stains from your outdoor furniture, and this cleaner can also be used on wooden outdoor furniture. Its ingredients include vegetable oils and plant extracts, and this unique ingredient makes the cleaner strong decontamination, anti-static, and anti-bacterial.

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