2017 Furniture industry search service analysis report


Everyone needs a home

Every family needs furniture

So the demand for furniture is equivalent to just need

The corresponding size of the market is certainly considerable


In recent years

Furniture industry out of a lot of new terms

Such as smart furniture, assembled furniture, minimalist furniture and so on

So many new ideas burst out

Xiao Bian bold speculation

Furniture industry will face changes in the upgrade


We first look at the status of the furniture industry

From the macro point of view

Although the heat of the furniture industry, although slightly fluctuating

But the overall trend is steadily rising

Even a little bit down the momentum

2016.5-2017.6 furniture industry search volume trends


The results of the monthly search volume were also not surprising

After all, we have to sleep to eat Well

2016.5-2017.6 Furniture industry Monthly search volume


Industry hot words

Can be lying on the sofa is the dream of the world

Furniture industry search hot words Top 10


Previous industry reports

Xiaobian have talked to you about the highest search volume of the market segment

Taking into account the furniture industry as a whole has been quite mature

We are from the search volume of the two lowest market segments

outdoor furniture

Kitchen furniture

Analysis of the furniture industry trends

Thinking from everyday life

Usually we are at home to be the largest lobby and room

Outdoor and kitchen what is necessary

But most families do not care too much

So the search is low is also common sense


But the low amount of search means that the market size is small?

Let's take a look at the kitchen furniture market search hot words

Kitchen Furniture Search Top 10


Exo me?

The hot words in the kitchen furniture market are coffee tables! The

The question mark I opened Alibaba International

Then search for hot words Coffee desk

Actually opened a new world of furniture market

Choose the two largest trading volume, are assembled coffee table


Almost all coffee tables are

Assembling furniture

Many people think that the assembly of furniture or minor

But in recent years

It has gradually become the mainstream of the furniture industry

Take the US market as an example

US assembly of furniture accounted for nearly 68% market share

To know the furniture market more than half of the search source in the United States

Furniture industry search network area distribution


Flexible, mobile

Is the main selling point of assembly furniture

With the living space narrowed

Easy assembly and removal of furniture will be more of a favor

Future furniture industry changes to upgrade

Sure to be closely related to assembling furniture

It is very necessary to understand the future trend of assembling furniture


A. custom assembly of furniture products into a new opportunity

Intel IKEA System

Has launched a platform for interaction with consumers

Is the consumer can choose the color and theme of furniture

Personalized customization services will become a new trend

B. High-end assembled furniture favored

Assembly furniture products give the impression that the quality is low

But now there are more designers in the industry products

Home improvement and the emergence of more tide products in the market

Encourage consumers to choose a unique designer furniture products

By many families love

C. The proportion of science and technology will increase

Furniture industry sellers began to use advanced technology extensively

IKEA uses AR technology to showcase the virtual effects of furniture at home

The user can get the exact size of the furniture product

This kind of assembly furniture market has great potential

May lead to large changes in the production of furniture enterprises


Let's look at another market segment

Outdoor furniture market

Outdoor Furniture Market Search Hot Top Top 10


Technavio reported in the United States

With the United States from the financial crisis to recover

Construction activities will continue to increase

Consumer demand for outdoor furniture also increased


Relative to other large market segments

Outdoor furniture market, although smaller

But the pattern is not stable

The corresponding competitive strength will not be too large

Market potential is worth looking forward to


Outdoor furniture market trends have these three:

Outdoor barbecue furniture products related to increased demand

In recent years the culinary program is hot

Causing the rise of outdoor cooking

Thus provoking the user's demand for outdoor cooking equipment

Multi-functional outdoor furniture products

The concept of outdoor life has led to an increase in demand for multifunctional furniture

For example, there are now a variety of chairs and tables that can be converted into bookshelves

Consumers hope that home products can also be used as outdoor furniture

More and more manufacturers produce environmentally friendly furniture

Environmental problems, the negative impact of deforestation

And consumers worried about the release of toxic gases to furniture

Furniture manufacturers have adopted a more green manufacturing program

The future of outdoor furniture will be the direction of environmental development


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