Meet the Milan foresee the future | 2017 Milan International Furniture Fair


"Meet the Milan, foresee the future" is 2017 Italy Milan International Furniture Fair theme. "The goal of the achievements of the future, the foreseeable can meet" in the world's top design event, exchange of changes in today's furniture market trends and the next few years the development trend of the furniture industry.

Milan International Furniture Fair

the Salone del Mobile.Milano


This year is the 56th International Furniture Fair, because it is a singular year, so there are lighting exhibition, office exhibition and furniture accessories exhibition, satellite exhibition and so on. According to official statistics, last year's Milan International Furniture Fair visitors more than 370,000.

This year's Milan Furniture Fair will be held at the New International Exhibition Center in Milan at 2017.04.04-09, with approximately 2,000 exhibitors from 38 countries. This year's theme is "met Milan, foresee the future."

Milan International Furniture Fair include:

1, Milan, Italy International Furniture Fair (1 year)

2, Milan International Furniture semi-finished products and accessories (1 year)

3, Milan International Lighting Fair (Euroluce, odd years)

4, Milan International Office Furniture Fair (Salone Ufficio, odd years)

5, Milan International Exhibition Exhibition (1 year)

6, Milan International Kitchen Furniture Show (Eurocucin, even years)

7, Milan International Youth (Salone Satellite, 1 year)

8, "Milan Design Week" (held in 2000 at the same time)

2017 Milan International Furniture Fair distribution

This year's Milan Furniture Fair exhibition hall is as follows:

3/3 for the luxury goods Museum; 2/4 for the classic museum; 5 / 7,6 / 10,8 / 12,14 / 18,16 / 20 for the design hall; 9 / 11,13 / 15 for the lighting hall; / 24 for office furniture. Most of the design big brands will focus on the 5/7 and 16/20 museums.

From the distribution of the exhibition hall and the trend of the last five years, Milan International Furniture Fair more and more respected design brand. The Milan Furniture Fair has been able to become the world's furniture design vane, with its has been respected frontier design has a very close relationship.

Distribution of major Italian producing areas

Because most of the exhibitors from Italy, so before the exhibition must be on the origin of Italian furniture to have a general understanding of the Italian furniture design and origin concentrated in the industrial developed in the north, mainly: Lombardy producing areas, Tosca Producing area and Veneto producing areas. The center of the Lombardy region is the world's design capital of Milan, and thus more emphasis on the modern frontier design; and Venice and Florence is the city of Renaissance, so the design style is more emphasis on the classic and the Renaissance.

Brand to see HALL1, HALL3 luxury goods Museum

Brand look ahead

Italy Malachi tiles and the Italian national treasure design master-Antonio Citterio together for the 30th year of the 55th Milan Design Week cooperation concept works "Augmented Surface" (enhanced surface project exhibition) a seemingly simple concept of large-scale laying, stressed The courtyard of the beautiful Renaissance ratio, and added fictional space. Malachi tiles with the most advanced laser printing technology, and ultimately showing a mosaic pattern effect. In addition to the need for surface effects research, the architect and Marazzi's challenge is to produce hundreds of thousands of different tiles, each tile is printed from a separate document.

Boca Do Lobo

Origin: Portugal
Booth: HALL 01 - STAND D06

Portugal's furniture brand Boca Do Lobo has been combined with the concept of fashion and tradition, each piece of furniture to a unique artistic appearance of the show, highlighting its distinctive style. Into the modern fashion art elements, limited edition, the luxury culture to play most vividly.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 01 - STAND C 05


In 1976, Sante Cantori of Italy and his brother Fabio, sister Fiorella co-founded the company. CANTORI has been committed to creating rich Mediterranean charm for many years. To "spread the Mediterranean culture to the rest of the world" as its mission, follow the Italian Mediterranean traditional culture design ideas, continuous development and innovation, furniture and lamps, bedding, paintings and other furniture decorations for the perfect mix and match.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 03 - STAND D 19

Rugiano will be the Italian craft to the extreme, whether it is wood, leather or metal, has always been the ultimate quality in the first place, with a clean line of Italian interpretation of Italian aesthetics.

luxury living

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 03 - STAND A 19 B 12

Luxury living is one of Italy's most famous luxury brand manufacturers, in the world about more than 300 dealers and partners, including Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Trussardi Casa, Heritage Collection and other famous brands.

Versace Home

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 03 - STAND E 35 F 32

As a famous Italian luxury brand, since entering the home industry, Versace (Versace) has its own very distinctive characteristics to conquer the world, color and fabric and metal combination is a must, from clothing to home products, there are very Obvious brand label.

Chiara Provasi

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 03 - STAND F 30

By the famous Italian designer Chiara Provasi founder of the brand, combined with classical architecture and modern fashion design techniques, showing a distinctive luxury temperament.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 03 - STAND E 29

Altamoda has always been known for its elegant design, with a vibrant color to reflect the modern style of light and stylish, creating a unique design style, is Italy's most women's royal furniture brand.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 03 - STAND B 15 C 16

Sicis started with art mosaic founded in 1987, its furniture design is unique, never take the unusual way, full of personality.

Arte Brotto

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 03 - STAND H 23

Arte Brotto from the Veneto region of Italy, the design style into the strong Renaissance elements, known for its excellent wood craftsmanship, in addition to furniture, parquet flooring is also one of the core products of Arte Brotto.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 03 - STAND D15 E 12

Longhi's products are very focused on the combination of metal and leather, the pursuit of classic and modern integration, luxury fashion aristocratic style for the design of temperament.

Savio Firmino

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 02 - STAND H 24 H 26

Founded in 1941, Savio Firmino is a famous brand from Florence, with the Renaissance elegance of the humanistic definition of contemporary comfortable life, the ultimate handicraft production for the luxury of home design to provide the perfect choice.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 04 - STAND A 21 B 14

Adhere to the Italian art and culture and classical style of the combination of the Provasi extraordinary, gentle willow of the streamline, Qiao Tian Temple of pure hand carving, has been more than 200 years of history.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 05 - STAND H11 L 06

Baxter in last year's Milan Furniture Fair, launched a lot of alternative design, outdoor furniture series is very impressive, never pursue the trend of Baxter, he is the best design trends.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 05 - STAND E 05 E 11 F 02 F 08

If you want the number of favorite Italian brand, absolutely no less Flexform, the annual Milan Furniture Fair and Poliform occupy the best position on Hall 5.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 05 - STAND F 01 F 05

The rise of modern solid wood furniture, Bonaldo is also contributed to the design of its dining table and cabinet has been very unique.

Carl Hansen & Søn

Origin: Denmark
Booth: HALL 05 - STAND D 10

From the Carl Hansen & Søn in Denmark, a chair can be sold for decades, the classic design is never over, in recent years, modern wood furniture, especially sought after by designers, Carl Hansen & Søn is also one of the A.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 05 - STAND C 03 D 02

Modern solid wood furniture in the most competitive brands, Porada with a typical Italian design to conquer our visual experience, to create an elegant life, the table design is the biggest bright spot.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 05 - STAND D11 E 12

One of the best wardrobe and door brands in Italy.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 05 - STAND L 15 M 18

Very focused on the fashion sense of the Visionnaire, the popularity of China is very high, with a luxury image to win a lot of people love.

Fendi Casa

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 07 - STAND C 25 E 24

As the largest brand of luxury living, Fendi Casa will launch a large number of new products at this year's Milan show, emphasizing the balance between design and quality, and the color of metal, glass, leather and other materials There will be a very big breakthrough.

Bentley Home

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 07 - STAND C 22 C 26

Has been sought after by the Chinese luxury luxury one of the luxury brands.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 07 - STAND L 12 L 16

Italy's best modern solid wood brand, with a high artistic temperament, last year's Milan Furniture Fair was launched two new products, one of which is the screen.

De Sede

Origin: Switzerland
Booth: HALL 07 - STAND G 19 H 28

From the top brands in Switzerland, the design style is more biased in northern Europe, nearly two years of new design less, but each product is very classic, that section can be 360 ​​degrees mobile backrest sofa impressive.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 07 - STAND E 15 E 27 F 18 F 20

Simple and generous Minotti has always been a representative of the fashion home, in China's high-end luxury model room, the frequency is high.


Origin: Sweden
Booth: HALL 06 - STAND C 43 C 45

Hästens 2017 Milan Furniture Show Trailer

Began in 1852, did not live up to a dream! World famous mattress brand Hayes Teng for the countless royal family to provide the best quality sleep.

La Chance

Origin: France
Booth: HALL 06 - STAND D 36

From France's creative brand, La Chance has a distinctive modern fashion Fan.


Origin: Germany
Booth: HALL 06 - STAND E 29

Yomei is Germany's Schelbach Home (Hillbach home) under a high-end series of logs, interpretation of the simple nature of the design style.


Origin: France
Booth: HALL 06 - STAND D 53

French noble mattress brand Treca design is often associated with many luxury brands, the price in China is very expensive, but it is really a good product, because the use of a lot of natural material similar to silk, lying on the Treca mattress, the body Will be very comfortable and pleasant.


Origin: UK
Booth: HALL 06 - STAND D 43

At the turn of the twentieth century, British engineer James Marshall provided his wife with a valuable gift - a perfect sleep. Started in 1901 the British mattress brand Vispring has become synonymous with luxury.


Origin: Spain
Booth: HALL 10 - STAND D 31

Vondom's imaginative design creates the perfect realm of dialogue with space. From the beautiful beaches of Spain, natural, fresh, romantic is Vondom the most beautiful mark.


Origin: Belgium
Booth: HALL 12 - STAND D 08

The last 10 years, Belgium has emerged a lot of pioneer designers, their design unrestrained, and the Dutch design has a similar temperament. Belgian outdoor furniture brand Manutti gives a refreshing feeling.

BD Barcelona

Origin: Spain
Booth: HALL 16 - STAND B 31

As the most representative brand in Spain, BD Barcelona is the only brand licensed and produced by Gaudi, Dali and others. Jaime Hayon is a very important co-designer.


Origin: Germany
Booth: HALL 16 - STAND E 30

Germany's most ornamental ideas


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 16 - STAND C 23 D 18

The world's most beautiful glass furniture brand, and many masters have cooperation, including Claudio Silvestrin, Nendo, Patricia Urquiola, Philippe Starck and so on.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 16 - STAND A 29 B 22

One of the world's most beautiful furniture brands, to see Patricia Urquiola's latest design, must not miss Moroso.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 16 - STAND E 41 F 40

The famous brand in southern Italy, Natuzzi to "harmonious life think home" for the business philosophy

De Padova

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 20 - STAND C 09 D 10

De Padova is an elegant representative of the Italian furniture brand, the flagship store next to the Milan Cathedral, watching the design week friends must go and see, strongly recommended!


Origin: Germany
Booth: HALL 20 - STAND E 07 F 10

One of the best outdoor furniture brands in the world, most of the projects are high-end resort hotels or villas, founder Bobby Dekeyser was Germany Bayern Munich goalkeeper.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 20 - STAND E 05 F 08

One of Italy's famous brands, recently seemingly fascinated by the Chinese style, in the products and furnishings appeared on a lot of Oriental elements.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 20 - STAND B 11 B 15 C 16 C 20

Edra is synonymous with art furniture, one of the most creative brands.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 20 - STAND A 15 B 14

One of Italy's best creative brands.

Missoni Home

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 20 - STAND A 11 B 08

Fashion brand one of the representatives of cross-border home, in recent years also cross-border hotel industry, Missoni family fabric design has been leading the design trend.

Molteni & C

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 20 - STAND A 01 B 02 C 02

Molteni & C annual exhibition area is very large, of course, the product is also very rich, enough to see half a day.


Origin: Sweden
Booth: HALL 20 - STAND F 28

From the Nordic modern brand, revealing the fresh natural flavor, interpretation of the simple and stylish integration.

Poltrona Frau

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 20 - STAND C 01 E 01 E 06 F 06

Born in 1912, Poltrona Frau, as one of Italy's most famous furniture brands, has been 100 years of history. JEFF series by the French designer Jean-Marie Massaud design, this year's Milan Furniture Fair launched one of the new products.


Origin: Switzerland
Booth: HALL 20 - STAND D 09 E 16

One of the world's most influential furniture brands, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, the factory is located in Germany, the world no one factory like Vitra Park, can be known around the world.

Axo Light

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 09 - STAND C 01 C 05

Barovier & Toso

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 09 - STAND E 19 F 16

Venice is one of the world's most famous art glass producing areas, have been to Venice friends will go to the glass factory visited, founded in 1878 Barovier & Toso is the famous local lighting brand in Venice.

busato Glasses

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 09 - STAND N 0

The same is from the romantic water city of Venice brand.

DCW Editions

Origin: France
Booth: HALL 09 - STAND A 01 A 05


La Murrina

Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 09 - STAND F 21


Origin: Portugal
Booth: HALL 09 - STAND E 04

Vibia Lighting

Origin: Spain
Booth: HALL 09 - STAND C 07 C 15 D 06 D 10



Origin: France
Booth: HALL 13 - STAND G 12


Origin: Portugal
Booth: HALL 13 - STAND H 12 H 16

The world's leading brand of lamps, interpretation of the highest level of integration of art and design.


Origin: Germany
Booth: HALL 13 - STAND B 11

German avant-garde creative brand, furniture and lighting have a high appeal.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 13 - STAND C 09 D 18

The world's best lighting brand, France Bouroullec brothers designed this AIM art chandelier in the design industry no one knows. Flos this year, focusing on pushing the trunk of the outdoor lights, specific details, please pay attention to reports.


Origin: France
Booth: HALL 13 - STAND F 01


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 13 - STAND E 16

Minimalist design and perfect interpretation of art.


Origin: Italy
Booth: HALL 11 - STAND A 19 A 29 B 18 B 24

Louis Poulsen

Origin: Denmark
Booth: HALL 11 - STAND C 36 C 40

Nordic famous lamp brand, modern simple revealed in the natural affair.

2017 Milan Design Week Outreach

This was derived from Salone del Mobile (beginning in 1961), which allowed the Milan Design Week to develop an industry exhibition to Milan University, the Milan Triennial Museum, the Tortona region, the Brera region and the Ventura Lambrate area As the center, the radiation of the whole city a series of external exhibitions and cultural and artistic activities.


To "life, fantasy" as the theme of this year, the exhibition will move towards the service industry, hospitality and design into the introduction of hospitality.
Area: Tortona Tortona area


Will celebrate the 90th anniversary, its 699 Superleggera chair also entered the 60th anniversary. Do not know what new creative director Patricia Urquiola will do?
Area: Central District


MARNI plans to transform the exhibition hall into a huge playground: MARNI Playland, the game concept of thinking into the playground, inviting the public to throw pre-defined rules and structure, and space and space contained in the active elements of interaction The
Area: southeast

Nilufar Depot

20th century famous Brazilian designer Joaquim Tenreiro and modern lighting designer Michael Anastassiades works will be converted in this warehouse from the gallery.
Area: North District


There are a lot more
It is not a list


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