This sunshine shed design, just screaming


Like the sun home life you,
There must be a "dream" about the sun room.
In this space, white cotton curtains lazily rolled up,
Jilian sunshine from the clean cloth diarrhea,
Floated on the carpet
Yes, the coffee table had to put a few cups of fresh tea,
Two or three friends bathing sunshine south and south,
Slowly "carving" time.

  Sunshine shed has been with its style million kinds of gestures,
Leading the home decoration of the fashion, won a large number of sought after.
Sunshine shed for people's lives to create a unique, spacious and bright, comfortable leisure space.

Sunshine shed has now become a modern pursuit of nature,
Close to the natural life of fashion.
Sunshine shed to achieve the room and the sun's intimate contact,
Even in the cold winter,
But also for the family to create a warm living room environment.

Sunny shed, close to nature,
You can bathe in the sun,
Contact with the stars, and rain and rain dialogue.

Spare time and relatives and friends in the tea chat inside the sun,
Comfortable, cozy,
It will make your friends linger, happy to return!


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