OTSUN good times again debut Guangdong Province outdoor furniture industry association journal


Good MEG was founded in 1997, is the Shenzhen City, the United States and good home smart home furniture brand. 2017 officially changed its name to OTSUN, launched a new brand VISUAL IDENTITY (visual recognition system).

OTSUN meaning to feel the meaning of outdoor sunshine, Lenovo Beach, swimming pool, outdoor all sunny places will have OTSUN

The use of deconstruction of the art form of the existing break, reconstruction, the use of simple and with the shape of the arc as OTSUN logo based on the type of change into a rich texture and spatial sense of the visual composition. Simple + personality, passing the dual meaning of modern geometric aesthetics and brand personality.

Shenzhen City, the United States and good smart home Co., Ltd.'s high-end brand OTSUN debut Guangdong Province Outdoor Furniture Industry Association


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