• Year 1997
  • Shenzhen Royal Garden Furniture co., Ltd. was founded. Main product lines: teak garden furniture, high-end umbrella;

  • Year 2002
  • Expanded weaving workshops Added new product lines: steel, aluminium frame garden furniture combination with weaving or textilene elements;

  • Year 2003
  • Built intl sales team, gained big success at the Canton Fair

  • Year 2005
  • Shenzhen Home & Garden Products MFG. Co., Ltd. was founded. Added new product lines: textilene, upholstery garden furniture;

  • Year 2006
  • Exported to world-wide 35 countries and regions Annual turnover: 30 millions US Dollar;

  • Year 2007

  • Established R&D department, stepped in high-end outdoor market, a milestone of further expansion international market;

  • Year 2010

  • Extended workshop area to 50,000sqm, 600 employees during high season including 40 at R&D dept. Well-known as leading company in garden furniture field in China;

  • Year 2014

  • Implemented personal share reform first at wooden workshop successfully, followed by the rest of all workshops, brought direct and indirect profits to company;

  • Year 2016

  • Developed domestic market to big brands of hotels and projects, gradually accomplished brand upgrade and promotion plan;

  • Year 2017

  • Produced custom-made garden furniture on the basis of multiple material, new design with wide range small quantity, delicate workmanship .

Design Concept

Innovation leads to growth

Combination of new Materials with new Technology and workmanship


To express the design concept, OTSUN handpicks craft wood, eco-friendly artificial wood, Nano-weather-proof fabrics, memory fast dry cotton, 4D etching new materials, synthetic artificial stones, aluminum lamps and other top outdoor new materials, incisively and vividly reflects the natural charm of wood, elegant temperament of fabric, and humane practical design through a series of R&D and creation, makes every piece of furniture reveal distinctive texture. For such rare diversified choice, only top furniture could make it.


Honor & Qualification

Concentration brings professional artworks

With FSC forest supervision certification, we obtain the purchase quota of 3000m³ of wood including FSC teak and FSC Eucalyptus wood every year, accounting for about one-fourth of Chinas quota.

We develop new materials with material suppliers together, have a sound material system and master the core raw material processing technology.

We launch over 200 styles of new products every year and own a large amount of design protection and intellectual property patents.

Unique Ingenuity

Select Materials Strictly, Create Perfect Collection
Use top rare outdoor wood teak, make every piece of collection purely by hand.

Use mixing technology to polish art treasures
The perfect combination of natural materials and pure hand-made skills makes each piece of furniture as perfect as an artwork and lead the fashion mixing trend of outdoor life.

Excellent design, fine taste
OTSUN design provides inspirations to your outdoor life style and meets your demand for high-quality outdoor slow life experience.

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Office Address:Room 501, Guanlan Business Building Block A,No.99 Dahe Road, Guanhu Street,Longhua Area,Shenzhen, China

Tel:0755-2799 1098  Or  0755-2798 1595
E-mail:[email protected]

Address :Room 501, Guanlan Business Building Block A,No.99 Dahe Road, Guanhu Street,Longhua Area,ShenZhen, China
Tel:0755-2799 1098 / 0755-2798 1595
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